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Beach Rentals in North San Diego County

As I posted earlier today at Coastal Orange County Living, we are looking for a condo, apartment or beach house to rent in Del Mar, Del Mar Heights or Solana Beach.  We’d like to start moving in during the last week of January 2016 (depending on my work schedule which should be decided by December 15).

We are on a budget, but definitely have in mind of where we want to live and what types of living situations would work.  We would most like to rent from a private owner or landlord, rather than a huge property management company.

Looking for 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, laundry in unit, 2 parking spaces.  It would be cool if the property has a pool, spa and fitness facilities.  The closer to the beach, the better.

It seems like the ads on Craigslist for Del Mar and Solana Beach are mostly dominated by complexes like Elan Cardiff by the Sea, which posts and reposts every single unit they have available.  It might be an okay complex, but the reviews are not that good – and it does piss me off that they spam Craigslist so damn much …

We would definitely be open to a lease / purchase option and would be willing to take care of repairs and maintenance for the right situation.  We can also provide property management and/or social media marketing services in trade or partial trade if those are areas that you need help.

If you happen to know of a condo, apartment or beach house for rent in Del Mar or Solana Beach, please give me a call at 858.876.4227.

Thank you,


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